Saxion & HUFS Global Campus cooperation

Publication date: 2020-11-19 07:05

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Despite, but perhaps thanks to, these challenging times, this new cooperation has come about. In October 2020, 5 students from the International Business School of Saxion University of Applied Sciences started their project with a South Korean company. This project is the result of a partnership between Saxion and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) Global Campus based in Yongin, South Korea which looked at innovative ways to expand the contact.  

The first meeting devoted to the exploration of the cooperation between Saxion International Office, the International Business School and the HUFS took place in May this year. Saxion expressed the ambition to find new ways to collaborate with partner universities and thus expand the possibilities for students to gain international experience while staying at home. Especially in these times, where students cannot travel abroad to gain this experience. 

Saxion has received 2 business cases from the HUFS. Realization of those will be in combination of regular bachelor students and Top Talent students.    

4th year IBMS students will research the market entry and sales possibilities for “Orinbe” in the Netherlands, under the supervision of a IBMS teacher and the CEO of the company. After this research (Jan. 2021) Saxion will continue the activities by involving top talent students. Their activities depend on the results of the first research.   

The other South-Korean business case is from a company active in the primary education sector, with the wish to enter the Europe market. Saxion's plan is to involve students from other top talent programmes but also connect students (and perhaps also staff) from both universities in this case. This will be another unique step in the collaboration between partner universities, which mainly is characterized by student or staff exchange.  

Saxion has also the ambition to establish an international Smart Solution Semester. The tryout of international business cases in connection to our partner universities is a first step towards that direction and a good way to explore different forms of partnerships.  

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